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Telemarketer Interview Tips?

I have an interview for a telemarketing job tomorrow. I've never done this before all of my previous experience has been in waitressing/cooking. But I'm rather significantly skint and telemarketing seems to be the best option of raising some cash fast and stopping that damn eviction notice, so I really need to get this job!

The woman I spoke to seemed really confident in me during my phone interview today, she said about three times that I had the most perfect voice for the job - I live in Australia now but moved from England about a year ago so I still have a fairly pronounced English accent. She just asked me basic questions about myself and why I think I would be good for the job, I think I may have floundered a bit so I've come here to ask for some advice so that I can sell myself a bit more tomorrow. What do you think your employers are looking for? I told her that I was confident and polite but kind of run out of ideas then.

I will be selling loyalty memberships to a hotel group - you have the card then you get one night free in the hotels, 50% off their restaurants, discounts on pretty much everything they offer.

So, does anyone have any interview tips for me?

Thank you so much!
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