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Hi Community :)

I just started as a telemarketer today selling magazine packages. I thought that it would be dull and discouraging overall and was impressed that the environment that I work in actually is really fun and motivating! Lots of fellow students, cool music, I can sip my tea between calls, and I get to pick my own hours!

So the goal that was set for me today was to get to near the bottom of the script at least once. I listened in on one of the other callers for a while and then tried it myself with some trepidation and was quite surprised/flustered when my first call ended up in a sale, when I had assumed that I'd be able to cop out with a "thanks for your time" anytime I wanted to. The guy who I had listened in on stopped what he was doing and helped me by mouthing what to say. Haha, 1/1 but I figure it can only go downhill from here :P

Anyway, I'm looking forward to being a part of this community, reading stories and hopefully sharing some of my own!
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