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Telemarketing for Success
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Tuesday, September 6th, 2011
10:43 pm
Would you be interested in buying a channel package?

This was my second day doing telemarketing. The first one was good, I had my training in a few hours and I made my first sale within the one hour I had time to work after the training. Today was my second day; 4 hours of work and all I can say in the end is that I completely hate this job. I made two sales and didn't get much crap, but I know how much frustration and annoyance I caused - but of course in all of this the one getting most frustrated and distressed is me. The customers get rid of me when they end the call but I have to make another call as soon as I'm done with the first one. I just simply am too kind person for this job. I have to admit that I am grateful for getting so adjustable workhours (that suit my studies) and even for getting a job in the first place, but in the end only greedy and/or shameless and/or apathetic people could enjoy this. The rest of us are doing it for the seemingly easy money.

Thank you for letting me vent a bit. I really needed it.

Current Mood: distressed
Thursday, October 25th, 2007
4:09 pm
*unmutes phone*
Hello, my name is Raven and I'm calling from the Americ...oh wait, not on the phone atm.

Lemme start again.

I work for the American Red Cross Telerecruitment Department that covers the Greater Chesapeake and Potomac Region. In other words...*spooky Dracula voice* I VANT YOUR BLOOD!

It's nice to find a community that doesn't revile us for what we do.

Thanks for making this, and I have the feeling I'll enjoy this group.

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
7:51 pm
Telemarketer Interview Tips?
I have an interview for a telemarketing job tomorrow. I've never done this before all of my previous experience has been in waitressing/cooking. But I'm rather significantly skint and telemarketing seems to be the best option of raising some cash fast and stopping that damn eviction notice, so I really need to get this job!

The woman I spoke to seemed really confident in me during my phone interview today, she said about three times that I had the most perfect voice for the job - I live in Australia now but moved from England about a year ago so I still have a fairly pronounced English accent. She just asked me basic questions about myself and why I think I would be good for the job, I think I may have floundered a bit so I've come here to ask for some advice so that I can sell myself a bit more tomorrow. What do you think your employers are looking for? I told her that I was confident and polite but kind of run out of ideas then.

I will be selling loyalty memberships to a hotel group - you have the card then you get one night free in the hotels, 50% off their restaurants, discounts on pretty much everything they offer.

So, does anyone have any interview tips for me?

Thank you so much!

Current Mood: nervous
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
10:00 pm
what do ya'll call yourselves? marketing researchers?
wow. it really is true.
Women are the worst to call. They bitch and whine and raise their voice to me and swear. OR just hang up for no reason.

OR theres the lonely old men that i call. They just talk and talk.
You see, i call businesses only. During the day. And i dont sell anything, or lead to any sales call. Just opinions to help improve services of businesses such as bank one, that these clients have already visited.
YET i get the same ole crap: TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST.
The damn list doesnt apply to me. ANd theres no need to tell me to F*** off. Just say thanks anyway and hang up. You dont have to take the survey.
OH and blessed. NEver use the word survey! i can get fired for that. ITs STUDY. Opinions. AS in, supposedly, its less annoying this way. (BS~!)

This last week i got the following responses to my blanket opener "This is Jane and I'm calling from Ipsos, Can i please speak to the leader of financial services".

I got:
" IM not interested in any PORNOGRAPHIC materials!!" first off. B*S*. and second of all, Who the F mentioned porn? Im asking for financial services, and yes i WAS clear and loud. IT was just odd!

and then (UGH)after the same exact opener :
"if you call back again, IM going to F**king hunt you down and f**king KILL you". My gosh he sounded serious. Freaked me the hell out!. Why not just say "thanks anyway, take me off your list". geez. NO respect.

Oh and my husband says im getting nicer, like, miss cheery sunshine after i get off work. Its all those "Yes ma'ams" and SIR's. Though. hahah. I called a woman sir yesterday! ooops!

Oh, and those lonely at home business men i call? or the OLD ones, yeah, They talk too much. My survey today was only a 6-8 minute one, he took 17 minutes and was 2/3rds through when his phone disconnected.

oh and ps. Lousianna, new orleans and west chicago are the rudest/most ignorant places to call yet. boo.

*sigh*at least I'm home now, eating oreos and waiting for proj runway to come on!:)
Saturday, December 3rd, 2005
11:50 pm
I woke up at 9 in the morning. It was a telemarketer. A recognizable accent, my mispronounced last name, something about the mortgage, monthly low rates. I was half asleep and rotten to the core and so, rather than hang up, I got angry at him. Something came out of me rarely seen or heard, something left over from a dream, or a nightmare, hostile insomnia. "What would it take for you to stop fucking calling me?" A do not call list, something sir, but he wants to know- why am I not interested in this offer? "I'm sick of you outsourced indian pieces of shit calling me early in the morning." Demons of interrupted sleep. The way he responded stands out from the rest- fog and dream memory. "Yes, sir, I am from India but I currently reside in California..." He then proceeded to go back on script, salesman shit, overcoming objections- I hung up.
Who was better off in this conversation? The one who can say whatever he wants, uninhibited and half-awake, only to be hateful, invoking race in the process? Or the one who has to respond the way he's been instructed, has to sit their and take it from the customer? But he did respond...he went off script, he resides in California... But that's probably bullshit... Why would telemarketing companies that outsource move their employees to California?
And why was it not until later in the evening that I considered the possibility that maybe he'd actually moved to America himself, that he just happened to be someone originally from India with a job in telemarketing? Maybe I'm the one with a hang up- not him.
Saturday, November 26th, 2005
10:13 pm
We always seem to get a bad rap...
I came across this article mentioning telemarketers on the Toronto Star Website, and I decided to respond to it by emailing the author. Here is the excerpt that bothered me.

I have become Angry Girl.

This condition does not compel me to attack inanimate works of art, not even that distressing exhibit of skin-stripped cadavers currently on display at the Ontario Science Centre. It's living and breathing people upon whom I wish to inflict violence: telemarketers, high-volume cellphone conversationalists (at the cinema recently, the man sitting in front of me repeatedly took calls from a ringing phone), drivers who pretend they can't see me when making turns, teenagers who strut five abreast on the sidewalk, mothers with wide-load strollers who never apologize for banging you in the shins — every rude and self-absorbed boob who crosses my path on a daily basis.

Full article here.

Here is what I wrote backCollapse )
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
3:10 pm
Oh my god! I'm fucking quitting!

My boss just fired 80% of the employees in a few days time because of lack of production. Now there are only about 15 employees left, and my boss keeps making us afraid that we're going to lose our jobs. Yesterday he fucking sent me home because I didn't have one sale up in one hour, but it seems he forgot that I am sick and can't hear out of my left ear and can't talk for long periods of time without getting scratchy. If he'd let me take a damn sick day it might get better, but NO we don't get sick days. I hate the fucking job.
Everyday that I show up he starts the shift with "You better make sales or you'll get fired."
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
9:00 am
dialer problems
always good to have your headset turned on when making a call from the dialer. *slaps hand on head* this is the second straight day i've started a call without the dialer turned on. i'm starting to think this job really isn't for me.
Monday, October 24th, 2005
4:08 pm
after calling this one woman 8 times today, i finally got a hold of her once again and she bought my product!! well, she went for the free trial, but still. w00t! preserverance pays off!

only big thing was she was rushing me. she said her info so fast that i had to tell her to slow down, that she was saying it too fast for me. geez. hey, its a sale. who cares. i got the info and i got a sale. :)
1:59 pm
all i'm asking is for you to take the damn trial. its free. why won't anyone take a freakin trial from me. garg!!!

sorry, gone a day and a half without a sale and my boss just told all of us he's leaving after friday. argh!!!!
Thursday, October 20th, 2005
2:39 pm
i've only been on the phones for two days and each day i have made a sale. one to someone in the cincinnati reds organization and another to a person in the sony pictures organization. go me.
Monday, October 17th, 2005
12:44 pm
Hi Community :)

I just started as a telemarketer today selling magazine packages. I thought that it would be dull and discouraging overall and was impressed that the environment that I work in actually is really fun and motivating! Lots of fellow students, cool music, I can sip my tea between calls, and I get to pick my own hours!

So the goal that was set for me today was to get to near the bottom of the script at least once. I listened in on one of the other callers for a while and then tried it myself with some trepidation and was quite surprised/flustered when my first call ended up in a sale, when I had assumed that I'd be able to cop out with a "thanks for your time" anytime I wanted to. The guy who I had listened in on stopped what he was doing and helped me by mouthing what to say. Haha, 1/1 but I figure it can only go downhill from here :P

Anyway, I'm looking forward to being a part of this community, reading stories and hopefully sharing some of my own!

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
10:27 am
Hi all! I'm new to telemarketing. I just started working for Douglas Publications as an Inside Sales Representative. We basically due business to business calls. Its not exactly what I thought I'd be doing with a communication studies degree but we shall see how it works. Just been doing training and haven't gotten on the phones yet. Just wanted to introduce myself. Oh, I am 22 and in Richmond, VA.
Monday, October 3rd, 2005
9:55 pm
Today was awesome at work!!
The dialer kept crashing through my whole shift, so they sent us home 2 hours early. I worked a total of half an hour on a five hour shift and get paid for all 5 hours.
Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
12:26 am
I had a shitty day today.
I had a really bad night last night, didn't get hardly any sleep, and was up all night crying.
So when I get up at 7am to go to work today and my eyes are puffy and red, and my stomach is in pain from stress, I decide I should call my boss and say, "You know, Steve, I have had an unbelievably bad night. There's just no way I can come in." Keep in mind, I have NEVER called in before work to get out of going before. Never sick. Nothing. And I was just in the worst mood. I told him that it would be better for me to just take the day off and make up my hours (because we have to make up any missed hours in a given pay period). He responds to me like this.
"Man, come on Megan I need you! (knowing I wouldn't get any sales anyway if I felt this shitty) We only have 14 people today. This will count as an unexcused absense."
"That's okay, I'll deal with it."
"No, it's not okay. I need you to come in! We have lots of hours to make up right now."
Basically, it ended up with me arriving at work 45 minutes late and crying while I was calling people for the first hour, then just avoiding and being rude to the employees that came near me for the rest of my shift. What bothered me most is that the people who don't show up for their shift because they're "sick" on their 'Saturday shift' don't get written up. Pay no attention that they weren't sick the day before and they show up perky on Monday. I got one sale my whole 8 hour shift. And I hate my boss now. I hate that he made me feel like I was doing something wrong, like me not coming in for my 8 hours was going to ruin the company. Well, why didn't he make such a big deal about the 19 people that just didn't come in or call??!?!?!?! I think the combination of their missed hours is far more important. And besides, I have good work ethic. If I say I want to miss a shift but I'll make up the hours, I'll fucking make them up. I hate being somebody else's puppet. I should have just stayed home and made them write me up for it. Then I would have thrown it back at them and told them to write up the people that missed the shift that clearly weren't sick. Like I said, I have NEVER called in sick the entire time I've worked there. There's never been a problem. And they can't fucking let me just stay home. Pricks.

I know this isn't specifically about telemarketing, but I am curious if there are any other sites where they guilt trip you into coming when there are so many others that just don't show. Is it a telemarketing thing or what? Because we never had problems at the fast food place I worked at for a year.
Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
10:32 pm
Anybody else in here work for CAI?
Monday, September 19th, 2005
11:57 pm
intro/random thoughts
Hi all. I've been working in telemarketing (cold-calling, evening shifts) for about five weeks now. I thought I would absolutely detest it, but it turns out I'm not too bad at it (at least by the standards my company sets). I've been writing about few entries in my personal LJ about work lately, so feel free to have a read of that (it's almost all public).

A few thoughts. When I first started, it seemed to me that hooking customers was just LUCK. Just stumbling across someone who would give you the time of day, then maybe actually fit the model of someone who the service would benefit, and then somehow trusted telemarketers enough to business over the phone. So if I made bad sales it wasn't my fault... it was just bad luck. But I listened to one of our "veteran" workers (LOL three weeks in this place gets you veteran status, but she can actually back it up) who declared it was about 20% luck, 80% talent. And when you think about it, why would she be so consistently lucky while other people are so consistently unlucky?

So I thought, if I want to take credit for days when I have good sales, I have to accept it when I have bad sales as well. So I adopted her 80 skill/20 luck idea and I keep it in mind when coworkers bitch about bad data.

Secondly, I'm convinced it's all about how bored you sound. If you sound bored, no one will give you the time of day. After my first week I got my (first) script down pat. Then I started sound perfect, but bored. One day I overheard one of the supervisors giving a coworker a pep talk with an example call. It was much more edgy, straight to the point. So I sucked it up and started trying this more confrontational approach. It's been working a lot better. At least if you don't have your script perfect, if you're nervous about it, even if you stumble over a few words, at least you don't sound bored.

Thirdly, my least favourite type of person to answer the phone... the person who politely listens to your entire spiel, "mmm"s at all the right spots... and then right at the end, reveal they're in a contract/they're not the right person/or actually... they're just not interested. I would rather a quick "no thanks"/hangup than to get my hopes up on someone who will never say yes!

Lastly... I'm still just surprised by how many people actually say yes to telemarketers. I thought everyone had been trained by now to just hang up as soon as you spot one. (For me, it's always been easy, as my surname is unpronouncable if you don't know it... and even then sometimes.)

Just remember: don't blame telemarketers for the telemarketing industry... blame the idiots who still say yes!

Thursday, December 9th, 2004
6:51 pm
I guess I'm a newbie, so here's my deal...
I've been working at Legendary Marketing for the past 3 and a half months. We are a golf marketing company, and what I do is call businesses who would normally hold golf outings and ask them 3 questions about their previous outing, if they can answer them, they get a free round at whichever club we are representing. Its a pretty good deal considering a round of golf can average from anywhere around 50 to a few hundred dollars. Anybody in their right mind would answer the questions if they knew they were getting a free round, but we can't exactly tell them we're giving it to them until after they answer the questions, so until they do, it remains a "free gift". The pay is good, $1500 a project which is 400 leads. We collect all of our own data and we all run our own separate projects. I like the people that I work with, and I actually enjoy my job most days. The only thing I don't enjoy is that people don't seem to understand that while they are doing their job, I am also doing mine. Telemarketing is decently stressful and I just wish that people could have some sympathy.

It is great to have found a community of people who share my views and my job!

Have a great day at work tomorrow all.
Monday, August 23rd, 2004
2:25 am
new here
hello fellow telemarketers! if this community didn't exist, i was thinking of starting one. i've been telemarketing all summer, and i did it all last summer and at christmas time too. it's my job in between semesters at college, where i'm majoring in communications which pretty much means i might be a marketer my whole life. but $10/hr is good money for a college kid, and i'm pretty damn good at it. and to be honest, those people who yell at me and call me names and tell me to get a "real job" just crack me up! it's the most entertaining part of the job!
lately my company has been doing this permission based marketing, where we call people who filled out entry forms to win something like a car, and tell them about the travel promotion we're offering. those people are just as hard to convince (i don't exactly sell anything, i make appointments), but not as mean. and it's actually sorta disappointing because they know they are the dumb ass who GAVE you their phone number, so instead of yelling and at least giving you something to laugh at and talk about on break, they just blow you off over and over again each time they are called. i'd kinda rather be yelled at.

i only get part-time hours at my telemarketing job, so i also work at a convenient store, which sucks more and pays less. i love my telemarketing job (most days) and can't understand why people have a complete bias against it. nobody bitches about any other form of advertising. turning on the tv/radio = you see/hear commercials. driving down the road = billboards. geting snail mail or even email = junkmail. nobody asks for that either, they just accept it, so.. if they don't like the phone calls, can't they just get over it already? i'm a telemarketer, and i still sometimes do the pickup-hangup thing to unknown calls (bad karma, i know). it's really no big deal, just like changing the radio station when a commercial comes on.
thanks for hearing my rant. i hope everyone hear has a good day at work on monday, and finds that they had reached their quota for last week. i was really close to mine when i last checked (friday) and will know for sure if i get commission or not when i go to work at 5.

Current Mood: dorky
Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
1:07 pm
Yeha! A Community that is involved in telemarketing and knows how annoying it is to be bashed and hated on at the job. not like we go to the corner store and complain about them or anything. ANYWAY!
My name is Lee, I do outbound (cant stomach stupid people in inbound) here in Austin Texas. I'm glad to have found this community with several members. I imagine everyone here is either inbound, outbound, tech support, or sales? Just saying hey to everybody and remember: call till they bawl
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