amniotic attica (angelwifey) wrote in telemarketing,
amniotic attica

what do ya'll call yourselves? marketing researchers?

wow. it really is true.
Women are the worst to call. They bitch and whine and raise their voice to me and swear. OR just hang up for no reason.

OR theres the lonely old men that i call. They just talk and talk.
You see, i call businesses only. During the day. And i dont sell anything, or lead to any sales call. Just opinions to help improve services of businesses such as bank one, that these clients have already visited.
YET i get the same ole crap: TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST.
The damn list doesnt apply to me. ANd theres no need to tell me to F*** off. Just say thanks anyway and hang up. You dont have to take the survey.
OH and blessed. NEver use the word survey! i can get fired for that. ITs STUDY. Opinions. AS in, supposedly, its less annoying this way. (BS~!)

This last week i got the following responses to my blanket opener "This is Jane and I'm calling from Ipsos, Can i please speak to the leader of financial services".

I got:
" IM not interested in any PORNOGRAPHIC materials!!" first off. B*S*. and second of all, Who the F mentioned porn? Im asking for financial services, and yes i WAS clear and loud. IT was just odd!

and then (UGH)after the same exact opener :
"if you call back again, IM going to F**king hunt you down and f**king KILL you". My gosh he sounded serious. Freaked me the hell out!. Why not just say "thanks anyway, take me off your list". geez. NO respect.

Oh and my husband says im getting nicer, like, miss cheery sunshine after i get off work. Its all those "Yes ma'ams" and SIR's. Though. hahah. I called a woman sir yesterday! ooops!

Oh, and those lonely at home business men i call? or the OLD ones, yeah, They talk too much. My survey today was only a 6-8 minute one, he took 17 minutes and was 2/3rds through when his phone disconnected.

oh and ps. Lousianna, new orleans and west chicago are the rudest/most ignorant places to call yet. boo.

*sigh*at least I'm home now, eating oreos and waiting for proj runway to come on!:)
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