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We always seem to get a bad rap...

I came across this article mentioning telemarketers on the Toronto Star Website, and I decided to respond to it by emailing the author. Here is the excerpt that bothered me.

I have become Angry Girl.

This condition does not compel me to attack inanimate works of art, not even that distressing exhibit of skin-stripped cadavers currently on display at the Ontario Science Centre. It's living and breathing people upon whom I wish to inflict violence: telemarketers, high-volume cellphone conversationalists (at the cinema recently, the man sitting in front of me repeatedly took calls from a ringing phone), drivers who pretend they can't see me when making turns, teenagers who strut five abreast on the sidewalk, mothers with wide-load strollers who never apologize for banging you in the shins — every rude and self-absorbed boob who crosses my path on a daily basis.

Full article here.

Ms. Dimanno,

I read your article, Obnoxious jerk? Yeah, I'm talkin' to you (Nov 23) with interest and amusement, and fully agree with most of it, however I found your reference to telemarketers to be both misplaced and unfair.

As an outbound telemarketer myself, I do my utmost to leave each person I call feeling good about themselves by ending the call on a positive note, even if it does not have the outcome that I hope for. Yes, my goal is to sell my product, but more important to me is the satisfaction that comes from genuinely connecting with someone over the phone for a few brief minutes before we each move on.

But I digress. The bulk of telemarketers are neither rude, nor self-absorbed. They are simply people like yourself who need to work to make ends meet; to put food on their table, to pay bills, or, in my case, to pay for school. I am lucky enough that most of the people I speak to over the phone realize that, by expressing the same courtesy to me as I do to them.

The blame for the these calls, these annoying telemarketers that always seem to interrupt at the worst time possible, does not lie with these individuals, nor with the companies they work for. The crux of my message is this: there is just one reason why the telemarketing industry exists, and that is because it works. Much of the wrath aimed at telemarketers is misdirected. It is not our fault it works.

I know that everyone likes to grumble about telemarketers, and I must admit that once upon a time, I did as well, but I hope you'll realize that we aren't as bad as we seem from the points that I brought up, and maybe give the next telemarketer you encounter a "have a nice day" before hanging up.

After all, it's best to save the frustration for those crazy drivers and cell phone abusers, and, my personal favourite, people who don't move to the back of the bus.

Deborah Isaac
Year IV, B.Sc Hons Student
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