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hello fellow telemarketers! if this community didn't exist, i was thinking of starting one. i've been telemarketing all summer, and i did it all last summer and at christmas time too. it's my job in between semesters at college, where i'm majoring in communications which pretty much means i might be a marketer my whole life. but $10/hr is good money for a college kid, and i'm pretty damn good at it. and to be honest, those people who yell at me and call me names and tell me to get a "real job" just crack me up! it's the most entertaining part of the job!
lately my company has been doing this permission based marketing, where we call people who filled out entry forms to win something like a car, and tell them about the travel promotion we're offering. those people are just as hard to convince (i don't exactly sell anything, i make appointments), but not as mean. and it's actually sorta disappointing because they know they are the dumb ass who GAVE you their phone number, so instead of yelling and at least giving you something to laugh at and talk about on break, they just blow you off over and over again each time they are called. i'd kinda rather be yelled at.

i only get part-time hours at my telemarketing job, so i also work at a convenient store, which sucks more and pays less. i love my telemarketing job (most days) and can't understand why people have a complete bias against it. nobody bitches about any other form of advertising. turning on the tv/radio = you see/hear commercials. driving down the road = billboards. geting snail mail or even email = junkmail. nobody asks for that either, they just accept it, so.. if they don't like the phone calls, can't they just get over it already? i'm a telemarketer, and i still sometimes do the pickup-hangup thing to unknown calls (bad karma, i know). it's really no big deal, just like changing the radio station when a commercial comes on.
thanks for hearing my rant. i hope everyone hear has a good day at work on monday, and finds that they had reached their quota for last week. i was really close to mine when i last checked (friday) and will know for sure if i get commission or not when i go to work at 5.
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